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Health technologies are an indispensable component of effective health care systems. Among these technologies, medical devices provide the foundation for prevention, diagnosis, treatment of illness and disease, and rehabilitation. There are over 10 000 types of medical devices, ranging from basic tongue depressors, stethoscopes, surgical instruments, prostheses, and in vitro diagnostics, to complex medical diagnostic imaging equipment. In 2010, the global medical devices market was estimated to be over US$ 164 billion. It has grown significantly over the past two decades, reaching the most advanced hospital systems in high-income countries (HICs) although many essential medical devices still fail to reach hospitals and health care centres in low- and middle-income countries (LMIC).
Global Market for Medical Devices
The aging population, innovative technologies and sales to new markets boosted sales from $322 billion in 2011 to $331 in 2012, growth of 3%. United Healthcare Inc., expects growth in the medical device market to slow between 2012 and 2014 and as sales to emerging markets make up for some loss in developed market cutbacks, grow at 4% compound average growth to continue to $396 billions in 2017.
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