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The principal of United Healthcare Inc., Dr. Alex Shin, PhD. have an experience of over 23 years in Medical Device research and development that includes support of product development, manufacturing, quality systems, new business development, and regulatory affairs. Dr. Alex Shin's extensive experience has also included support of business and technology acquisitions and marketing activities. With past consulting relationships, the principal of United Healthcare Inc. have become active member of our client’s Research & Development teams.

Dr. Alex Shin has spent over 15 years as a consultant in the medical device industry supporting all aspects of medical device R&D. The majority of his time has been spent in the product area, including work in implantables and single-use devices such as vascular grafts, stent grafts, heart valves, venous valves, catheters, medical textiles, ePTFE based products, leads, and extracorporeal devices. In addition, Dr. Alex Shin has had over 20 years experience working with AAMI, ISO, and FDA in many product areas.
Connecting precisely with customer needs

United Healthcare Inc. (UHC), leads the way in strategic collaborations with companies of all sizes, delivering a complete range of services that connects precisely with customers’ needs at every stage of development. We draw on proven expertise, innovative technology, and a global infrastructure to build tailored solutions matching each client’s specific business challenges.

We have increased our depth of expertise to accommodate key facets of product development—whether it involves specific therapeutic areas, global regulatory strategies, advanced technologies, or market access. We have broadened our extensive global presence across emerging markets in Latin America, Eastern Europe, Africa, and the Asia/Pacific region, so that customers can access diverse patient populations, reduce study costs, and conduct high-quality clinical research worldwide.

At every stage of development, UHC is right where customers need us - connecting them with the expertise, technology, and worldwide resources to reduce costs, increase productivity, and accelerate development to maximize product value and bring innovative therapies to patients. Whether your company is launching a medical device for the first time, we will provide tangible feedback based on our real-world experience in communicating with medical device authorities.

Technology transfer and intellectual property
Evidence from the present research suggests two key determinants of effective technology transfer:
The will to acquire new knowledge;
Collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas among diverse corporate, NGO and government stakeholders
Transfer can take place through a variety of configurations including public–private partnerships, private and institutional, and joint ventures. At times, these partnerships will require higher-level facilitation and guidance from governments and international bodies such as WHO and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), as well as other global agencies.
In general, medical devices have more patents per device than medicines. A typical drug-coated stent, for example, can have dozens of patents, while a sophisticated blood glucose monitor can have thousands relating to its user interface, software, battery, memory, power management system, integrated circuits and wireless or internet connectivity.